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What is MetaCloud?

The MetaCloud is a powerful and secure decentralized server and data storage network including Global cellular connectivity provided by Dcarbon solutions.

The MetaCloud was designed to be able to host the high performance NetZeroToken network platform that includes blockchain record keeping and Carbon Credit Token creation.

MetaCloud is crowdsourced infrastructure based on the succesful $HNT model, a server cluster designed for real-time energy and environmental IoT data collection. When connected to the NZTwork platform, users can earn $NZT Rewards with very fast paybacks.

How does MetaCloud work?

A MetaCloud Io3D Node is a Plug & Play, high-performance octa-core edge server node that is up to 6X more energy efficient than a comparable Cloud server and 100's X more energy efficient than traditional Proof-of-Work (PoW) mining.

Io3D nodes can host the NZTwork platform allowing Participants generate Carbon Credit tokens ($CCT) from using solar panel across the globe. 

The MetaCloud Io3D Nodes provide infrastructure services to the NZTwork global distributed network and earn Rewards. Nodes collect and store anonymous energy and environmental data.

Do Nodes require an internet connection?

MetaCloud Io3D Miners connect to each other automatically over a secure private network. NZTwork blockchain nodes require LAN connection and IoT storage nodes can connect using the global cellular communication provided by DCarbon Solutions.

Every Founders Edition Io3D node includes one year of cellular data services.

For countries or regions where cellular data is not supported or accessible, or you do not want to pay extra for cellular data services, it is also possible to connect via your secure WiFi or LAN connection.

Will MetaCloud Nodes work in my country or state?

MetaCloud servers can and should be operated almost anywhere there is internet.

MetaCloud Nodes can be used with standard 110/220VAC power found in most countries and simply need to add the right plug adapter.

The MetaCloud should be opeated in as many countries as possible to maximize decentralization.

Is it hard to setup a MetaCloud Node?

MetaCloud Nodes are plug & play, easy to install using the management app and requires almost no technical skills.

Once connected, you willl register your server and download the NZTwork blockchain software. Connect your personal $NZT wallet to earn rewards.

Will MetaCloud Nodes increase my energy expenses?

A server will not typically use more than 10W during normal operation or not much more than a standard LED lightbulb, virtually undetectable on your home energy consumption.

This shouldn’t add more than a couple of Euros per month to your electric bill. It does not require any special cooling and therefore operates as much as 10x more efficient than a standard server in the cloud for the same amount of processing power.

Is MetaCloud legal?

We cannot provide legal advaice and know all regulations in every jurisdiction, however generally speaking anywhere its legal to use the internet and run a home computer you should be allowed to operate a MetaCloud server.

If you install the NZTwork platform you may need to get advice on your particular state or countries regulations on earning, storing or trading digital assets such as digital currencies or Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT's).

What technology is used by MetaCloud?

DCarbon Solutions is partnered with Tier 1 technology providers and uses the highest quality components available in its equipment.

MetaCloud servers are based on the latest Qualcomm 5G 6nm technology with built in AI processing capabilities. This is the same platform used by TikToks XR rendering servers and Meta’s new VR glasses.

MetaCloud is extremely energy efficient and allows the operation of the blockchain network with the very minimal energy footprint. It will not cost more than a couple of Euros per month for electricity and is not detectable as an energy increase on your power use.

How will I lower my carbon footprint?

According to the International Energy Agency, behavioural interventions implemented in the U.S. have the potential to reduce annual energy costs by 15%. 

When MetaCloud users install enegy and environmental IoT sensors our App will provide customized advice on how small changes and adjustments decrease home and business energy bills and help consume less energy, lowering carbon emissions and lowering global energy demand. 

Lowering energy consumption or producing solar energy can earn Carbon Credit Tokens (CCT) for lowering their carbon footprint.

What is the "People's carbon credit network?"

The People's Carbon Credits Network is built, owned and operated by all people and businesses who deploy NZTwork platform software on their MetaCloud equipment. They build and operate a truly decentralized, global network which is powered, governed, and owned by the people.

What are $NZT rewards?

The NZTwork blockchain issues rewards to all ecosystem participants who support the NZTwork, including MetaCloud node providers and Data miners.

Rewards are highly valuable as they can be traded for Carbon Credit Token (CCT) NFT's. CCT are expected to command the highest quality product value in the 875 Billion Euro global carbon credit market.

How do MetaCloud Nodes earn rewards?

Rewards are divided amongst all participants for providing their MetaCloud equipment as an infrastructure service to the NZTwork platform. MetaCloud Nodes earn rewards because they are providing computer processing, data storage capacity, energy supply and networking to web3 apps like NZTwork.

Token rewards depend on “proof of storage”, so only MetaCloud operators who are 100% online will receive 100% of alloted reward portion.

Rewards are automaticaly deposited by the NZTwork platform to the hosts registered $NZT Wallet.

$NZT rewards must be “staked” to earn 100% of rewards. If tokens are not staked, rewards are proportionally discounted down to a minimum of 50%. This discourages reward holders from trading rewards.

What is staking?

When $NZT tokens are staked it means that they are locked up for up to 6 months and cannot be traded or spent.

This helps to stabilize the token supply and prevents too many tokens from being sold. Staking is automatic in the NZTwork platform blockchain.

When MetaCloud providers earn $NZT and they are staked they get 100% of all token rewards. If the user decides to unlock their token rewards (which they can do at any time), they will earn proportionally less tokens the following month down to a floor of 50%

How much rewards can I earn?

Nearly 7,000,000 $NZT Rewards are divided between NZTwork participants monthly. You must download and operate the NZTwork platorm in order to earn Rewards.

This means the earliest MetaCloud node operators will earn the highest amount of rewards, as there are fewer particpants to divide amongst.

An early Node operator could earn over 10,000 $NZT rewards per month.

Will MetaCloud Nodes work in a rural area?

MetaCloud blockchain nodes require a LAN connection due to high data use. However energy measurement kits will use LTE cellular connections for Plug & Play operation.

Not every area will have cellular coverage and some countries may not be eligible. In the case that there is no cellular coverage available it is always possible to connect the MetaCloud server to a local WiFi router or LAN connection.

What is the difference between Dcarbon Solutions and the NZT Network platform?

DCarbon Solutions and NZTwork are not directly affiliated. DCarbon is a server and sensor manufacturer and distributor, selling hardware which can be used with the NZTwork platform.

Dcarbon was born to help reduce global energy consumption and Net Zero footprint by creating the worlds most scalable decentralized super-computer and related technology, though the efforts of nearly 20 experts from around the world.

Dcarbon has designed and contracted the Tier 1 infrastructure suppliers used to provide computers, device management and global data connectivity services.

Dcarbon customers can choose to join the NZTwork platform independently in order to earn Rewards and help de-carbonize our energy systems.

The NZTwork platform is collectively a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) with no profit goals, made up of Net Zero Token ($NZT) holdes. The DAO is enabled by blockchain-powered smart contracts in a member-controlled organization governed by computer-encoded rules.

For a proposal to be approved, a certain number of DAO members and tokens they hold must participate in the voting process, so a minimum threshold is achieved.