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How does MetaCloud work?

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1. MetaCloud is a decentralized server cluster

Every MetaCloud Node joins a Virtual Private Network offered by Dcarbon Solutions to form a highly scalable decentralized data center. Nodes are specially designed to host and join the NZTwork blockchain to earn Rewards.

FUN FACT: Just 38,000 MetaCloud Nodes would rival the worlds largest super-computer, Fukagawa, yet only uses <5% of the energy for the same processing power.

2. Users Earn $NZT Rewards by hosting MetaCloud nodes

MetaCloud Nodes hosting the NZTwork platform earn $NZT Rewards for providing the infrastructure that enables users to generate and produce Carbon Credit Tokens (CCT).

$NZT rewards are highly valuable as they can be traded for CCT and vice versa. CCT NFT's are the highest quality carbon credit equivalent tokens, whose price is dictated by the high growth, high demand and over 875 Billion Euros global carbon credit market.

Operating a server connected to the NZTwork platform can produce as much as 10,000 $NZT rewards per month for passive income.

Payback can be realized in just a few months and 100%'s ROI over the first 12 months.

3. Carbon Credit Token (CCT) NFT Rewards for reducing carbon footprint

When NZTwork users produce solar energy or energy efficiency savings they are rewarded with valuable Carbon Credit Token (CCT) NFT’s by the NZTwork blockchain software.

CCT are different from other carbon credits because they are measured and permanently registered on blockchain. CCT are measured and will command the highest quality market value from the 875 Billion Euro global carbon credit market, putting earnings into consumers pockets for decarbonizing.

4. Real world use cases

MetaCloud will form the largest global computing cluster with tremendous storage and power. The 6th Generation AI accelerators will allow MetaCloud to process high performance web3 front and back ends, including NZTwork, metaverse and XR applications on the edge.

MetaCloud is designed specifically for real-time energy, building, smart cities and applicance control technology

5. Made for low carbon energy systems

Dcarbon's App will make easy suggestions to MetaCloud users to maximize their potential to generate Carbon Credits. Examples would be shifting EV charging or laundry to a less carbon intense time of day.

Automation and ML applications will eventually allow servers to automatically and dynamically control applicances and AC systems to minize carbon use and fully optimize your carbon footprint with no effort required.

FUN FACT: Dcarbons management team have created grid connected AI controlled buildings for the California Energy Commission and the EU.

500pcs. Limited Edition Pre-Sale

Io3D "Founders Edition" Features

  • Works in home or business location globally
  • Easy management app
  • Plug & Play installation, no skills required
  • Made for installing and running the NetZeroToken network blockchain platform
  • Earn your portion of nearly 14,600,000 $NZT rewards/month when connected to NZTwork
  • Payback achievable in a few months
  • Ultra-low power consumption (<10W)
  • Virtual Private Network to other MetaCloud servers
  • 1TB of IoT data storage
  • Qualcomm 6nm 8-core processor with 6th Generation AI co-processor accelerator
  • Expected Shipping Fall 2023