About Us

Net Zero CO2 by 2050 2030 carbon credits renewable energy

Dcarbon Solutions is an official supplier of IT technology products and services for the global transition to a Net Zero economy.

Dcarbon was founded in 2022 by a team of exceptional executives and thought leaders with decades of experience in the energy, IoT, internet, and XR/Digital Twin industries, headed by our Director Mr. Nicolas Waern. The DCarbon team includes nearly 20 people spanning N America, Europe and Asia. Dcarbon's sales center is based in California USA and International HQ in the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) free zone, due to its centralized location and progressive business environment. As the commodities and digital asset hub for the Middle East, DMCC provides the requisite licensing to match our long term vision and roadmap.

Dcarbon Solutions launched as an official supplier of Nodes and energy measurement kits for the Net Zero Token Network (NZTwork) called the MetaCloud. For this highly advanced technology solution, DCarbon has partnered with the world’s leading Tier 1 suppliers of cellular and low powered wireless networking equipment. Dcarbon is using the very latest Qualcomm 5G/AI technology platform to power this globally scalable solution and expects to supply millions of NZTwork users globally with the high performance equipment needed to sustain and grow this critically important infrastructure.

Dcarbon's MetaCloud technology will power the most advanced smart cities, smart grids and digital infrastructure used to serve decentralized apps and real-time holographic digital twins called the Holoverse. Dcarbon sees itself as the pre-eminent technology provider to the future Net Zero clean energy earth and the underlying infrastructure provider to the decentralized metaverse of all things.

Nicolas Waern, Director

"I've always dreamed of creating a business that reaches all people in all countries to solve all the worlds problems.

Dcarbon Solutions is the next generation of business, revolutionizing data and providing the absolute best technological solutions for the Net Zero economy.

We can save a tremendous amount of energy and resources, while empowering the worlds best smart cities, smart grids, web3 and XR metaverse applications all in one.

Dcarbon created the novel MetaCloud to change decentralized computing forever. Providing a truly censorship free and autonomous computer and data network.

I have never seen a team of people with more expertise, enthusiasm, desire and interest to solve these problems as what we have assembled though Dcarbon.

I look forward to this journey saving the world."